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Ask Claire; Activity for Young and Old

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This week’s query comes in from Orla, who wants to make sure her hen party is friendly for her mother, aunts and grandmother.

“Hi Claire, I’m getting married in September 2017. At the moment we have quite a lot of people on the guestlist for my hen, including my mother, aunts and granny who is in her 70’s (she’s a wild one at heart). What is the best activity that we could do that will be fun for young and old?

Claire’s Advice
Hi Orla, thanks so much for the fab question! First of all, kudos to your granny on deciding to go to your hen party, what a woman! Secondly, there are so many hen party activities out there, you will definitely find one that is perfect for all the younger girls and your mam, aunt and granny too.

If you are looking for something classy why not go for afternoon tea or to the spa. If you want something a little cheekier you could go for Paint a Nude or even a Photoshoot.

If your granny is full of energy why not go for a dance class, nothing strenuous but guaranteed fun for all the ladies?! And if you can’t find an activity to suit everyone there is always the option to do a few different activities for your hen, that way everyone is happy.

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Claire Hutchings
Claire is our bubbly problem-solver! Tackling hen dilemmas with a grin and turning every hen hiccup into a hoot! When she's not working away in the office Claire loves to be out on the pitch playing football and rugby.
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