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Ask Claire; How to Plan a Joint Hen and Stag Party

This week’s query comes in from Cara who’s planning a hen party for her friend Amy. Cara’s planned a few hen parties before but Amy and her fiancé have decided to have a joint hen and stag, she doesn't know where to begin.

“Hi Claire, my name’s Cara. I’m planning a hen party for my friend Amy, which sounded okay since I’ve done it a million times before that was until I heard Amy and her fiancé want to have a joint hen and stag party. I don’t know where to begin because I’ve never done anything like this and I don’t know the best man at all. Please give me any help you can!”

Claire's Advice
Hi Cara, thanks a mill for the question.

Joint hen and stags are becoming more and more popular recently, it can be a tough one to organise trying to keep everyone happy.

First off definitely have a sit down with the best man to go through everything, I know you don’t know him too well but now’s your chance to get to know him. You need to make sure that the groom has as good a time as bride-to-be, it’s both of their big send-offs, so you need to get a male’s perspective.

It’s a good plan to talk to Amy and her fiancé as well to see if they had something in mind since they chose to have a joint hen and stag they may have an idea of how they want it to go already.

Also, it’s worth throwing out the idea of having separate daytime activities to make sure that they both get to do the perfect one for then and then meeting up later that night for the meal and night out.

A joint hen and stag party is really about finding a mix of both the bride and the groom so that both of them have the best send-off possible.

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