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Ask Claire; Laid Back Hen Party

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This week’s query comes in from Avril who is organising her sister’s hen party and wants to do an activity that is laid back and chilled rather than adrenaline fuelling.

“Hi Claire, my name is Avril, I’m in the really early stages of planning my sister’s hen party. Lisa, my sister is your stereotypical girly girl and hates the thought of anything that requires too much energy or dirt! :P Complete opposite to me and a lot of her friends, but of course as it’s her big day we want to do something she’ll love. Any ideas?“

Claire’s Advice
Hi Avril, thanks so much for the fab question! There are so many activities out there for all different types of brides. Whether you’re a girlie girl like Lisa or an adrenaline junkie like you there are so many activities available that you both will LOVE!

A dance class could be an option for you ladies, there are so many different types out there from Thriller to Single Ladies and everything else in between. There are so many styles as well like pole dancing or burlesque, definitely 2 of our crowd favourites!

If you want something even more chilled out why not try a cocktail making class or paint a nude? What’s more relaxed than learning how to make your favourite cocktail or painting a hunky naked guy?

If you are still unsure why not ask Lisa what activities she would love to try and then go from there. As you said the hen party is all about the bride to be!

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Claire Hutchings
Claire is our bubbly problem-solver! Tackling hen dilemmas with a grin and turning every hen hiccup into a hoot! When she's not working away in the office Claire loves to be out on the pitch playing football and rugby.
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