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Ask Claire; Home or Abroad Hen?

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This week’s query comes in from Roisin, who doesn’t know if she should go abroad or stay in Ireland for her sister’s summer hen

“Hi Claire, I’m in the early stages of planning my sister's hen and the other bridesmaids and I just can’t decide on where to go! Some of us think we should just stick with Ireland because money may be tight with the wedding in a few months and others are saying that we should go abroad. I don’t know what to do”

Claire’s Advice
Hi Roisin, thanks a mill for the great question! This is a dilemma for so many people, ‘should we stay in Ireland?’, ‘Should we go abroad?’. Whether you should stay or go really depends on the hen party group. It’s true going abroad may cost a little extra but you’d be really surprised at how affordable it can be. These days you can get a European flight for the same price as a bus fare from Cork to Dublin!

On another note, Ireland really is at its most beautiful during the summer so why would you want to leave? A trip to the Aran Islands, Galway or Dingle are just amazing at this time of year. With festivals happening in nearly every location over the next few months there is a real buzz around the country.

When you are making this decision it is good to get all the girls opinions. If some of them have other commitments that mean they can only leave for a night at the weekend, Ireland is the spot. No one wants to be flying to a beautiful sunny country only to have to leave the very next day…that would be just depressing! If all the girls are up for it a weekend away in a foreign land, then why not, go for it!

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