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22 Sept 2016
This week’s query comes in from Amelia. She is the bride to be and is trying to get her sister in gear for planning her hen party.

“Hi Claire, my name’s Amelia, I’m getting married in March 2017. My sister Erica is my Maid of Honour so the duty of planning my hen has fallen on her. Anyone that knows Erica knows she leaves everything to the last possible minute! I am the complete opposite, but I need Erica to get herself in gear and start planning the hen, there's not that much time left. She still hasn’t even started researching. How do I get her to start organising without sounding like a complete control freak we both know that I am?“

Claire's Advice
Hi Amelia, thanks so much for the question.

I can completely understand you and Erica’s relationship, my sister and I are the exact same (I think we balance each other out somehow).

Don’t worry there is still plenty of time to plan an unforgettable hen party! First things first I would say that you need to sit down and talk to Erica and get her to understand that this is stressing you out. I’m sure that is the last thing she wants for you coming up to your big day.

Make things a little easier for Erica as well by telling her what kind of activities you’d like to do and where you want to go. This will definitely speed up the planning process. If you want it to be a surprise than give her a list of different options, this way you know you’ll love your hen but it will also be a great surprise. Do give Erica a list of all the girls you want to invite as well.

Try not to take control of this, trust Erica!

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