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Ask Claire; Ways to Surprise the Bride to Be

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“Hi Claire, my names Ashling and I am the Maid of Honour for my best friend Jackie this December. I have planned all the hen party but still trying to come up with a few surprises for the big night. When Jackie organised my hen she had an amazing surprise around every corner so I really just want to give her as amazing a hen as she gave me. HELP me, I’m completely blanking!“

Claire’s Advice
Hi Ashling, thanks so much for the question. There’s one thing I LOVE and its surprising people and what better time to do it than on the hen party?!

There are so many ways you can surprise Jackie on the hen. If you haven’t already told her the details ie. where you are going, what activity you are doing than you could keep these as a surprise for the big day. It sounds like you two know each other really well so I’m sure she’ll love whatever you have organised.

If Jackie already has all the details for the weekend you could surprise her with a small gift or nice idea. One of our favourite nice ideas is to ask her father to write her a letter explaining why he loves her, this always generates a few happy tears. Another one we adore is the advice book. All the brides closest married female relatives write a note to the bride-to-be give her advice for her married life. Once you have all these collected put them into a scrapbook that the bride can then keep.

If you are thinking of giving her an even bigger surprise, why not go for a stripper or something you know she definitely won’t expect. Those ones are always the best!

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