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Types of Girls you’ll find on a Hen Party

Planning a Hen Party is always brilliant fun in our opinion. The joy of discussing which location to go to, what activity to do, hen party theme to go with and even games to play. After everything is booked and ready to go, this might get you thinking about all the different girls or characters going on the hen. Here are a few Types of Girls you’ll find on a Hen Party.

Easily Offended /Shocked Girl

Hen Parties are made up of lots of different people. Friends, family, cousins and partners of family members. It’s always very difficult to know how everyone will react to things. There is always one however that seems to be shocked at everything. Inflatable willy’s are a no go and don’t get her started on willy straws. And heaven forbid you do a hen party activity like Paint a Nude or Dicktionary. She may just keel over from the shock!

The Paparazzi Girl

We all have one in our group. She always has her phone in hand taking snaps of everything the group does on a night out. She’ll have a minute by minute play of the hen party on her Intsa stories and is sure to capture a few unflattering photos as the Hen night goes on. You’ll just be praying the battery in her phone goes!

Soon to be Sister in Law

The groom asked if you’d bring her on the hen. So that ye get to know each other better. Hopefully, you get on great and are pretty good friends. However, if she’s not your biggest supporter it could lead to a very awkward night.
We all go a little nuts with our girls sometimes and no one wants to have the conversation afterwards with the sister in law that “I’m never that bad”.

Monica From Friends

There is always one on the Hen Party weekend. Often times it can be the maid of honour. She wants everyone to stick to the itinerary and ensure that everyone’s fun and games in the designated time slots.

The Diva

If you don’t think there are any divas in your Hen Party group then great. But there is probably one and they’re easily spotted. They’ll be the ones who bring up a stupid argument you had together from 15 years ago when you were still kids. This argument will happen after one too many glasses of vino.
All is forgotten the next morning as you are both hungover in bed sharing a bottle of Lucozade while telling each other how much you love them.

The Man-Eater

There are few things to call this girl. She’ll be seen by many as a strong confident woman and should be a spokesperson for Venus by Gillette. Others will call her a Man-Eater when she is on a hen party weekend.
She’ll be cracking on to guys, trying to take their t-shirts because it’s for the bride to be and a Hen Party Game. Then all of sudden you spot her ripping off a guy's jocks as a souvenir of the weekend while wearing another guy's tie around her head.
Let’s be honest, we love her. She’s the life of the party and if she’s not getting shots for the girls she’ll be found dancing and pulling her signature moves on the tables.
So, there you have it ladies. The Types of Girls you’ll find on a Hen Party. Do any of these ring a bell for you?
Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
Kate, originally from Cork, founded in 2008 in her spare bedroom in Waterford. Since then, the company has grown to 6 websites in our group across 4 countries. Kate is an expert on hen party and stag party planning and organisation and is even the author of a book on the topic - “How to Hen Party - the Essential Guide” (Currach Press).
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