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Ask Claire; Wild Hen Party

This week’s query comes in Marie who is planning a hen party for her sister Sarah and wants to give her a great send-off.

“Hi Claire, my name is Marie. I’m planning a hen party for my sister Sarah for next year. I’ve planned a few hens before but they have all been tame as per the request of the bride to be but Sarah is completely different to them! Sarah loves a wild night on the town and is completely up for a laugh. I want to give her the best send-off into married life. Can you help me out? “

Claire's Advice
Hi Marie, thanks so much for the email!

Sounds like Sarah is up for a party and there are so many ways you can kick the hen party into high gear. You could go for a hen party activity with a difference and a little more adrenaline fuelling or cheeky! Maybe Build a Willy, Paint a Nude or Paintball. The activity you choose sets the tone for the rest of the hen so be sure to pick one that screams fun for Sarah’s big weekend!

After you go for dinner why not go on a mini pub crawl or hire a stripper? Be sure to ask the pub or club if it’s okay to have a stripper first though! What’s more fun on a hen than a stripper?

Games and Accessories are an absolute must for a hen party. Some cheeky games and accessories will have all the girls in fits laughing! Pin the junk on the hunk and a few willy straws never went astray ;)

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Claire Hutchings
Claire is our bubbly problem-solver! Tackling hen dilemmas with a grin and turning every hen hiccup into a hoot! When she's not working away in the office Claire loves to be out on the pitch playing football and rugby.
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