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Ask Claire; Small Hen Party Group

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This week’s query comes in from Lauren who is organising a hen party for her sister Cliodhna. The hen party group is only four people so Lauren wants to check out all her options

“Hi Claire, my name is Lauren, I’m planning a hen party for my big sister Cliodhna. Cliodhna wants to keep things really simple and chilled out so there are only going to be a total of four of us there. Just Cliodhna, her two best friends and me. I’ve planned a hen party before and didn’t think how hard it would actually be to plan it for only four people. Activities alone are proving a little difficult. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated! “

Claire's Advice
Hi Lauren, thanks so much for the great question!

You know small hen parties consisting of only a few people are actually becoming quite popular. A lot of hens just want their closest allies there for their big send-off.

Planning a hen for just a few people can sometimes be a little more difficult, costs may be higher and certain activities may have minimum numbers but just look at the benefits! Keeping it small keeps the focus on the bride to be, everyone is more than likely going to stick together for the night, if you have a big group people tend to wander and it will be much easier to book accommodation and a place for your meal with a small group!

Booking an activity can be difficult with a small number however if they have a minimum number required. For example, Go Karting can require a minimum number of people to take part but if you don’t mind doing the activity at the same time as another group then the problem can easily be resolved.

There are loads of activities that don’t require any minimum number like a spa day or afternoon tea. Do be sure to tell the suppliers that you are on a hen and be a little cheeky and see if they would waive the minimum number rules for the occasion, the worst they can say is no!

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Claire is our bubbly problem-solver! Tackling hen dilemmas with a grin and turning every hen hiccup into a hoot! When she's not working away in the office Claire loves to be out on the pitch playing football and rugby.
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