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Cocktail Making Classes: Hen Activities

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Are you trying to find an amazing activity for your Hen Party? Well look no further because is here to help! There are so many fantastic activities to choose from and it can make your decision a difficult one. But allow us to make the decision a little bit easier for you. We’re here to tell you all about Cocktail Making Classes and why they’re an incredible idea activity to include on the Hen Party. So let’s find out everything there is to know about Cocktail Making Classes for a Hen!

Who doesn’t love cocktails, right ladies? So why wouldn’t we want to learn how to make all of our favourite ones? Whether it’s a Sex on the Beach or a Mojito, or maybe you’re partial to a bit of Long Island Iced Tea, you’ll learn the art of making them in a Cocktail Making Class. You may not know the names of many cocktails but you will know a lot more by the end of the class. We like the sound of all of that already! But how does the class work? Let’s find out.

How Cocktail Making Classes Work

When you first enter the room or the bar you’ll be met by the expert cocktail maker and they’ll give you the basics on how the Cocktails’ mixology works. They also fill you in on all of the latest cocktail trends and some of the all time favourites. Then you’ll get straight to business. Get ready to get shaking! You’ll all be brought behind the bar and you’ll get hands on with all the ingredients. That’s when the fun begins as you’ll start experimenting. Guided by the expert in the room, you’ll be doing it all like the pros in no time. Then all that’s left is to taste your concoction to see if it reaches your standards - for scientific reasons of course, right ladies?

What Comes Next?

After you’ve learned the tricks of the trade you’ll be challenging your friends to see who can make the nicest cocktails. Pour too much orange juice and it’ll be too sweet. Add too much vodka and it’ll be too strong (but is that really a bad thing?). Get it just right and you’ll be seen as a Cocktail Making Pro by the end of the class. At the next party, all of the girls will be coming to you to make their favourite cocktails.

Cocktail Making Classes are great fun and they’re a great excuse to get the party started in the middle of your Hen activity. So ladies, if you want to include a Cocktail Making Class as your Hen activity then all you have to do is email us now. Let us know on and we’ll help you get it booked! But for now, we’re going to finish this piece with a list of our favourite cocktails. Here they are...

  1. Sex on the Beach
  2. The Manhattan
  3. Strawberry Daquiri
  4. Cosmopolitan
  5. Mojito
  6. Long Island Iced Tea
  7. Martini
  8. Margarita
  9. Irish Coffee
  10. Painkiller

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