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Paint A Nude or a Pole Dance Class

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Are you thinking of Paint a Nude or a Pole Dance Class for your hen party activity? Well, look no further because we are about to give you the low down on both of these ever so popular activities.

1) Why are these popular Hen party activities?

Well the obvious answer is fun! They are both light-hearted activities that are sure to have you giggling all the way through and are great bonding exercises for all the ladies to relax and get to know each other.

Paint A Nude is one of the most popular hen party activities and for good reason! It is an activity that will have a smile on your face from start to finish and it will allow you to get in touch with your cheeky sides.

A one-off afternoon pole dancing class is becoming more and more common for Hen parties and here at we highly recommend you give it a try, it brings that fun and sexy element to the experience.

2) What is involved in both activities?

When you arrive at your venue for Paint A Nude, the teacher will bring you into the room and then the male model will strike his pose. Standing there in his buff physique baring his full manhood.

You’ll have to get over the initial giddiness and then you’ll really get into the drawing. You might even find yourself relaxed as the experience goes on. Get some tips on how to create the perfect masterpiece here: https://www.artistsandillustra...

When you arrive for your Pole Dance Class, the dance instructor will show you the basics; how to perform some beginner moves to warm up and then the real fun begins when you put all the moves together into a routine.

This is one of the best keep fit sessions you will have while laughing throughout. You won’t believe how much you have learned by the time you walk out. If you fancy learning some moves beforehand, check out this tutorial for beginners:

3) Which activity will suit your group best?

Seeing a guy standing naked in front of you is definitely a conversation starter. So if you have a few quiet girls in your group they will definitely come out of their shells as you try to replicate the art you see in front of you. Art is a release for a lot of people so it will have all the ladies nice and relaxed for the next stage of the night.

A Pole Dance Class is a timeless activity that will get your energy up for the night ahead. . You can be sure you will have the best time while you set aside any inhibitions and throw caution to the wind and prepare to have some serious fun while learning some sexy new moves. Your experience will be packed with laughter, entertainment in a very supportive pole dancing environment. work with the best suppliers available for both of these activities in whatever location you may be interested in, be it Dublin, Carrick On Shannon, Limerick, the location possibilities are endless.

Both of these hen party activities are perfect for a group of cheeky hens. If this sounds like your group then what are you waiting for?

Check out our Hen Party Packages here and let’s get your hen party booked!
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Kate Hyde
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