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The Ultimate List of Hen Party Ideas For Every Type of Group

20 Mar 2023
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Weddings are a glorious representation of love; however, we all know the fun starts before the big day! When friends get asked to be a part of the big day, it can be a bonding moment. The excitement of discussing wedding decor, the location, offering emotional support and planning one of the most anticipated events before the wedding - the hen party!

Hen parties are a chance to bring friends together to celebrate this momentous occasion; however, it can be pretty daunting if you have never organised a hen party before.

Where do you go? What activities do you do? When should you book a hotel? What food options are available at the hen party location? So many questions will whirl through your head to ensure you tailor a hen party that suits the bride-to-be!

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? That is because it is, but don't fret, as is here to help you plan the best hen party ever!

We have various hen party ideas to get the ball rolling on the best hen party for the bride-to-be and her entourage.

Classic Hen Party Ideas

Easing into our hen party ideas, we have some classic hen party ideas that will fit a range of styles and tastes.

  • Cocktail making
  • Karaoke night
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Spa day
  • Life drawing session

Cocktail making

Why order cocktails when you can make your very own concoction! Learn some tricks of the trade by mixing different ingredients to make your favourite cocktails.

Don't worry if you don't know your white rum from your vodka, as you will have assistance crafting your cocktail, depending on the cocktail-making class you book.

Karaoke night

If you want to blast some tunes and unleash your inner diva, a karaoke night is the ideal hen party idea! Karaoke is always an entertaining time, as you will dance, laugh and sing the night away, surrounded by friends that won't care if you can or can't hold a tune.

Afternoon Tea

If picking up a mic isn't the bride-to-be’s idea of fun, opt for some fancy china plates instead with a sophisticated afternoon tea hen party.

Spa Hen Party

A spa hen party is a soothing way to wash away all the stress, especially for the bride-to-be. All the stres from wedding planning will wash away, replaced with face masks, massages and more.

Life drawing session

You have to think outside the box for artistic brides to provide a creative and memorable hen party. Luckily, we have a cheeky yet artistic idea - a life drawing session.

Life drawing sessions typically combine live music with the practice of drawing a nude model.

Unique Hen Party Ideas

If classic hen party ideas aren't your idea of a fun time, why not go the opposite direction with unique hen party ideas! We have a few hen party ideas for the bold, adventurous bride who doesn't want to sit around for sandwiches and scones.

  • Murder Mystery Hen Party
  • Festival trip
  • Experience days
  • Belly dancing class
  • Escape Room

Murder Mystery Hen Party

Nothing says unique hen party quite like a night of mystery, puzzles and thrills. A murder mystery hen party is a great way to have a memorable night.

When you think of a hen party, you might not instantly think about a horrendous crime, but if the bride-to-be loves a good whodunnit, then a murder mystery event will be the best hen party idea for them.

Add to the murder mystery aesthetic with costumes, and you are sure to create an event that every guest will enjoy - as long as they aren't the murderer, of course.

Can you figure out who did it before the big day?

Festival trip

A festival trip with her entourage could be the perfect hen party activity for the bride-to-be that loves music.

Experience days

For the bride-to-be that loves adventure, why not explore experience days. Experience days vary depending on the location, which makes it entirely personal to the bride-to-be’s interests!

Belly dancing class

Step out of your comfort zone, and organise an event the bride-to-be will never forget! Belly dancing classes are great fun and guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

Escape Room

Going with the alternative hen party theme, why not arrange an escape room, which will have everyone feeling like Sherlock Holmes. Solve clues, attempt riddles and see if you can escape.

Certainly a great idea for a bride-to-be that loves a good puzzle.

Funny Hen Party Ideas

Funny hen parties are a surefire way to get every member of the group interacting and having fun! We have a few funny hen party ideas to help you make hilarious memories.

  • Build a willy
  • Footgolf
  • Zorbing
  • Laughter yoga

Build a willy

Get everyone laughing with a build-a-willy competition. It is certainly something different! Think of all the sexual innuendos that will be made throughout this activity. Plus, it will be a souvenir to ensure everyone remembers the wild night you had.


Why opt for traditional golf when you can try footgolf instead! This is a creative hen party idea for any active bride. Similarly to golf, you have to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots possible; the only difference is you use your feet and a football.


If you want everyone to have a ball at the hen party, zorbing could be the answer!

What is zorbing, then? Zorbing involves a giant plastic orb, which you climb inside and are strapped in by a harness before you can bounce around and into other hen party guests.

Laughter yoga

Nothing says fun quite like an activity that has laughter in the name. Laughter yoga is a creative way to laugh away wedding stress and focus on your friends.

A few giggles with your favourite people is always a great hen party option.

Affordable Hen Party Ideas

Weddings are notoriously expensive, and many couples try to be thrifty with some aspects of their special day.

If you want to plan an affordable hen party that doesn't break the bank for guests, we have some inexpensive hen party ideas for you. The best part of affordable hen parties is that everyone will be able to come, as financial constrictions will be a lesser factor.

  • The ultimate hen party night in
  • DIY cocktails
  • Wine and cheese night
  • Local attractions

The ultimate hen party night in

The best thing about the ultimate hen party night in? You can personalise everything to suit the bride-to-be! From the food and drinks to the games you play. Whether you want to keep it classy with some board games or you want some tongue-in-cheek questions to get the group laughing.

DIY cocktails

Get each hen party guest to create a cocktail inspired by the happy couple. For example, if the couple met at a fair, you could create a candy-floss-inspired cocktail. DIY cocktails are vastly more affordable than cocktails in a bar or restaurant, and the best part is you get to create them yourself.

Wine and Cheese Night

Wine and cheese boards aren't just for restaurants, as you can create your very own at home for a significantly lower cost. You can even ask the bride what her favourite cheeses are to include in the wine and cheese hen party night.

Whether your group likes a good brie or wants to nibble on some ricotta, the best part about this activity is that you can personalise it to include everyone's favourite cheese.

Local attractions

You don't have to stay in to have the best hen party ever, as you can venture out and keep costs low. Every location has eye-catching local attractions that you can explore!

This type of activity is perfect for the active, history-loving hen party.

Classy Hen Party Ideas

Not every bride-to-be and their hens want to wear sashes and hit the town; instead, they want a different, classy approach to suit their tastes. Here are some classy hen party ideas to ensure the bride has an elegant evening.

  • Historical tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Gin tea party
  • Country House

Historical tour

For a bride-to-be that is also a budding historian may prefer a classy historical and heritage tour. Historical tours vary from location to location; however, all add a touch of class and fascinating facts to your hen party.

Wine tasting

Classy doesn't mean you have to ditch the alcohol altogether; you just need to add an elegant twist. Wine tasting is a great activity for any bride-to-be that loves wine, as it allows them to try various ones.

Gin tea party

Afternoon tea is a popular choice for a hen party celebration, but a gin tea party is on another level! If the bride-to-be is a gin lover, this is the option you should choose!

It combines the classy atmosphere of tea parties with the modern approach of a tipple.

Country House

Nothing says classy, like feeling like royalty at a country house. Some brides may want a relaxing weekend in the countryside, chatting with friends and enjoying laidback activities before the big day.

Crafty Hen Party Ideas

For the bride-to-be who loves to be creative and crafty, you should organise an equally artistic hen party. These crafty hen party ideas are not only fun but will also give the bride-to-be and her hens something to keep as a reminder of the day.

  • Perfume making
  • Pottery making
  • Life-drawing class
  • Sculpt a naked guy

Perfume making

Organise a hen party that involves creating your own custom fragrance! Perfume-making is a fantastic way to bring everyone together and experience something new. The best part about perfume making is that the bride-to-be and her hens can wear the perfume at the wedding.

Pottery making

Unleash your creativity with a pottery-making class, which will allow you to create something you can keep to reminisce about the best hen party ever.

Life-drawing class

We've had two classy, crafty hen party ideas; now it's time for two cheeky crafting ideas. Start the hen party by practising your art skills and drawing a nude model. Certainly an experience you won't easily forget.

Sculpt a naked guy

Continuing with the naughty crafts, you could organise a cheeky hen party by sculpting a naked guy. It will be a fun activity, especially seeing what your fellow hens and bride-to-be can sculpt. Sculpting a naked model from a piece of clay has to be a great way to start the hen party.

Outdoorsy Hen Party Ideas

If the bride spends more time outside than inside, you should use this as inspiration and organise an outdoorsy hen party.

  • Glamping Hen Party
  • Go-karting
  • Paintballing
  • Ski trip

Glamping Hen Party

Add a touch of elegance to an outdoorsy hen party with glamping! This combines the outdoors with comfort, making it suitable for everyone attending the hen party.


Speed around the track and unleash any tension by hosting a go-karting hen party event! This is certainly an adrenaline-pumping activity that would add a sense of competition to the day.


Paintballing is a popular choice for outdoorsy brides looking for something active and engaging to do at their hen party.

Ski trip

For something cooler, put on your skis and opt for a ski trip for the hen party! A change of location is something the bride-to-be will appreciate. Plus, can you imagine the breathtaking views?

Combined Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Combined hen and stag parties are becoming more and more popular! Getting different friendship groups together to celebrate this special event can be fun.

But what do you do with such an array of people? We have some combined hen and stag party ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Boat party
  • Cottage Hire
  • Inflatable waterpark

Boat party

Bring everyone together with a boat party. A joint stag and hen party on a boat is sure to break the ice and get everyone chatting.

Cottage hire

If drinking on the water isn't your idea of a fun time, why not bring everyone together at a cottage instead.

Inflatable waterpark

Get everyone moving with a stag and hen party at an inflatable waterpark. Race your friends around the course, and see who is the fastest.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages

Hen parties can be even harder to arrange with a mixed age group, as you want everyone to have a memorable time. We have a range of hen party ideas to ensure everyone has fun, regardless of age.

  • Cookery Class
  • Bottomless brunch
  • Mini cruise

Cookery class

If the bride and her entourage are foodies, a cookery class could be the right activity for your mixed-aged hen party. You all get to learn a new recipe or two and enjoy your creations at the end. Plus, with a mixed-aged hen party, you can learn a lot from each other and maybe even share some family recipes.

Bottomless brunch

Everyone loves a bottomless brunch - from friends of the bride, the bride's mother, in-laws and more; you can bring people together with a bottomless brunch. Bottomless brunches are also a popular option for older brides, as it is a sophisticated yet entertaining hen party idea with an infusion of great food and drink.

Mini Cruise

Put your feet up and relax with a mini cruise that will make everyone unwind, regardless of age or interests. Plus, you might see a few notably attractions along the way.

Hen Party Ideas for Small Groups

For smaller hen party groups, you want to create an intimate atmosphere that prompts conversations. Here are a few hen party ideas for your small group.

  • Jewellery making
  • Chocolate making
  • Photoshoot

Jewellery making

Jewellery making is an intimate affair, which ensures every hen party guest can unleash their creative side. One sweet touch with jewellery making is that you could create something for the bride to wear on her wedding day. Alternatively, you can all create a piece that reminds you of this special day.

Chocolate making

Who doesn't love chocolate? Spend the afternoon of the hen party learning how to make delicious chocolates from an experienced chocolatier in a chocolate-making class. After the stress of planning a wedding, everyone deserves a treat like chocolate.


A photoshoot is a great way to remember the hen party, and with many photographers arranging props, themes and makeup, you are sure to gain an array of images you can look back on and reminisce.

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides

While tequila shots won't be on the menu for a hen party for a pregnant bride, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of hen party ideas to make the bride feel special!

  • Host a sex toy party
  • Shopping
  • Pyjama Party

Host a sex toy hen party

Hosting a sex toy hen party makes the day about the bride-to-be rather than the bundle of joy. It can be stressful for the bride-to-be with baby showers, preparing for a wedding, and the birth of a baby. A sex toy hen party focuses on the bride-to-be's fun - truly a day about the bride-to-be and her pleasure.


The pregnant bride-to-be has probably spent a lot of time shopping for the anticipated bundle of joy; why not flip this, and treat the bride-to-be to a shopping trip. A shopping trip might be exactly what they need, as it will be a day entirely for them.

Pyjama Party

Depending on how far along the pregnant bride-to-be is, they might want to unwind at their hen party and what better way than with a pyjama party! A pyjama party is almost like stepping back in time, where it is just the bride-to-be and her friends chatting, reminiscing and talking about what the future holds.

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