Summer Road Trip Hen Party

2 Apr 2019
Pack your bags and fill up the petrol tank, get ready for the trip of a lifetime! Get the message out to your dearest gal pals that you are going on a Summer Road trip Hen Party.
The perks of being at the wheel for this adventure are many. You have total freedom as to where you go and how long you stay for. Also, it would be relatively cheap! Definitely pack a tent big enough to house all of your wearing hens after a long day of exploration. Or, book a night or two in a fancy b&b where you gals can shower and stretch out on a nice lovely bed.
If you are planning on doing a road trip around Ireland, we all know there are plenty of amazing places to visit. Include a night out in Kilkenny, visit the Cliffs of Moher or explore some of the Aran Islands.

Having said that, the world is your oyster! Pack those passports and maybe talk about getting the ferry to France to make this road trip extra adventurous.
Shotgun! Everyone will want a front-row seat to this marvellous adventure. Who knows where you will end up or who you will meet along the way. Be sure to pack all of the essentials and to take many pictures. If all of your closest friends don’t fit into one car, maybe hire a minibus for the occasion. You will be like a girl band on tour!

So, where will be the first stop on your Summer Road Trip Hen Party?
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