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Two Hen Party Activities That Go Well Together Part 2

The last time on this series we got into why a Pamper Session and an Afternoon Tea worked very well as the two activities for a fantastic hen party. They lead to a nice and relaxed hen party with the girls, and you were free to do whatever you wanted to afterwards. This time around we’re holding onto the Afternoon Tea and putting it with something that will hit the spots that tea just isn’t capable of. So here’s part three of the Two Hen Party Activities That Go Well Together series.

So you might be asking what else goes well with an afternoon tea. Well, our answer to that is a Cocktail Class! Yep, you and your girls can spend your afternoon drinking tea and enjoying delicious pastries, cakes and sandwiches while you have fantastic chats. Afterwards, you can drink something stronger! Make your own cocktails and you can be your own personal taste tester...we have to make sure the drinks are safe to consume, right ladies?

So let’s get into why exactly these two activities go well together!

  1. Afternoon Tea

Sit back and relax as you and your girls have quality bonding time and you all get to know each other. Some of the ladies on the hen party may have never met before so afternoon tea is the perfect way to break the ice. By the end of it, everyone will be besties! So have some fab chats over a nice cuppa while you enjoy delicious cakes and sandwiches and get your hen party fully acquainted with each other.

  1. Cocktail-Making Class

After the teas have been drunk and the sandwiches were eaten, you’ll all head back to your rooms and freshen up for the night ahead. That’s where the cocktail class comes in! Learn the tricks of the trade as you make your own cocktails and then be your own taste tester. Learning how to make your favourite drinks can be a very useful tool to have in the future so listen carefully ladies!

Why They Go Well Together:

  • If you’re looking for the perfect mix of activities that allow you to have a nice and relaxing afternoon and then follow it up with learning how to make your favourite drinks then these are the perfect activities for you!
  • Afternoon Tea and Cocktail Classes are very easy to find and are included in most of our Hen Party Packages. You won’t have to look very far!
  • Afternoon Tea allows for some alcohol-free fun with the girls. Get to know each other with a sober head, and then let out your fun sides with some cocktails later in the night!

Do these two activities sound like what you’ve been looking for? If so, head over to our Hen Party Packages now and you’ll find them available in most of the packages. Let’s get your hen party booked, ladies!

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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