Ask Claire; Relaxed Hen Party

20 Jul 2016
This week’s query comes in from Caoimhe, who’s friend wants a relaxed and zero fuss hen party.

“Hi Claire, my name is Caoimhe, I’m organising my friend Simone’s hen party. Simone really just wants a chilled out weekend with the girls, she’s not big into the party scene so a night clubbing is definitely not for her. I want to make this a night she’ll remember but haven’t a clue how to do that! Please help me!“

Claire’s Advice
Hi Caoimhe, thanks a mill for the email. Great question!

A chilled out weekend with the girls, rather than a weekend of clubbing is fast becoming the popular choice for hen parties. A lot of the time Bride’s just want a weekend to chill out with their closest girlfriends and family and a chance to take a break from all the stress of planning a wedding.

There are so many activities out there that would be perfect for what Simone wants. A spa day with all the girls could be exactly what she needs to kick off the weekend in style, what’s more, chilled out than a day of massages and thermal suites? Simple and so relaxing.

After all your relaxation what better way for Simone to finish off her evening than with a sit-down meal surrounded by all her nearest and dearest? It’s important Caoimhe to remember what Simone wants when you’re planning. If she wants relaxation and a simple weekend with the girls that’s exactly what she should get!

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