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What You Need to Know if You're a 2017 Bridesmaid

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It's a pleasure to be asked to be a bridesmaid for your sister or friend. You are one of the few people that they want to help them organise one of the most special days of their life. They want you with them every step of the way of this momentous occasion! But sometimes being a bridesmaid isn't it is all cracked up to be. There will more than likely be a few disagreements and heated moments along the way. Just be sure that you keep in mind that this is the brides day! So to prepare you for the big task we've put together a list of what you need to know if you're a 2017 Bridesmaid.

The Worst Jobs are Left to You

When you become a bridesmaid, you are basically signing on to be at the bride's beck and call for everything weddings until her big day. This pretty much guarantees a few unfavourable jobs. You will probably be left with the jobs that the bride doesn't want to do herself. Jobs like contacting all those people that don't RSVP in time is a big obstacle that every couple will face! This can be a nightmare, and we guarantee that there will be loads of people like this, it just comes with the territory.

You Will Be Expected to Help the Bride Pee

Yes, this is a requirement when you are a bridesmaid. It is crucial that the bride's dress is protected at all costs! This means that she will need some assistance while peeing with her wedding dress on. This isn't as bad as it sounds ladies! Chances are all of you've made plenty of trips to the bathroom together on nights out so this is just a little twist on that!

Being a Bridesmaid is Expensive

Being a bridesmaid can actually be very expensive. From accommodation for the wedding, the hen party weekend, spending money, a gift, travel costs and sometimes the bridesmaid dress things really add up. This is something that generally can't be helped, just be sure to keep this in mind leading up to the big day!

There Will Be a Few Happy Tears

One of the people you are closest to in the world is getting married, you're bound to be delighted. So it goes to show that a few happy tears are part and parcel of being a bridesmaid. Even the toughest of the tough will get a little emotional on the brides big day (even if it's just with joy that all the planning is finally over) so be sure to pack the tissues!

What the Bride Says Goes

This is one of the most important things to remember when you are a bridesmaid ladies. Of course, the bride to be will have a few ridiculous demands along the way but where possible say yes! Guaranteed she will be under a lot of stress already so by simply taking a little weight off her shoulders you will be doing your job perfectly! This doesn't mean that you shouldn't give your opinion ladies, just don't add any extra stress!

The Hen Party Will Be One of the Best Weekends of the Whole Process

The Hen Party is the real saving grace in the middle of all of the wedding plans. It's a chance for you, the bride to be and the rest of her ladies to celebrate her upcoming wedding and forget about all the planning. It's important to make sure that the bride-to-be be just unwinds from everything else wedding and lives in the moment!
One of the most important things to remember is to enjoy the whole experience. This is a big moment in your friends' life so take it all in. Be a support to her all the way and of course be the best bridesmaid you can be! Let us know if there is anything you think we've missed out from our What You Need to Know if You're a 2017 Bridesmaid list!

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Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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