Hen Hacks: Fix Broken Lipstick

24 Jan 2017
It happens to the best of are getting ready to hit the town and are just applying your lippy when suddenly it snaps off leaving you in the depths of despair right!? :P There is nothing worse especially if it is a brand that you have forked out a lot on!

So to help you fix this problem we have come up with a very simple solution, try and tested by some of the team here and it actually works a charm!

What you need:
  • Lighter
  • Tissue
  • Broken Lipstick
How you do it:
  1. Heat the top of the lipstick that is still attached to the case.
  2. Place the broken piece back on top once the bottom piece has melted slightly
  3. Heat all around the whole lipstick to mould the two pieces together
  4. One no crack is visible wind down your lipstick to get rid of any excess and wipe away with a tissue
So there you have it ladies, a quick and easy way to fix your broken lippy!

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