Either Or Game

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Another Hen-Party classic, the Groom Quiz will have everyone at the table in stitches. Ask the Groom to choose either/or for each of the options on the sheet attached. At the Hen-Party ask the Hen to guess what the Groom answered. If she gets it wrong she must take a swig of her drink or complete a forfeit. The truth always comes out at this game and is unbelievably good fun!

  1. Blonde or brunette
  2. Waxed or shaved
  3. Melons or fried eggs
  4. Bum or tits
  5. Trashy or classy
  6. Larsson or Hartson
  7. Football or Rugby
  8. McDonald's or Burger King
  9. Chinese or Curry
  10. Glasgow or Edinburgh
  11. Town or country
  12. Lager or Heavy
  13. Port or whisky
  14. Angeline or Jessica (alba)
  15. Home or abroad
  16. Sun or ski
  17. Tea or coffee
  18. Boxers or briefs
  19. Spit roast or Yorkshire pudding
  20. Lap dance or breakdance
  21. Ballet or opera
  22. Posh or Becks
  23. Sharapova or Kournikova
  24. Timberland or Timberlake
  25. Normandy or Britney
  26. Connery or Connolly
  27. Monopoly or Cluedo
  28. Playstation or X-Box
  29. Trainers or loafers
  30. Rooney or Lampard
  31. Twosome or threesome
  32. Deeley or Daly
  33. Batman or Spiderman
  34. Casino or horseracing
  35. Dungeons & Dragons or He-Man
  36. Cats or dogs
  37. Snickers or Mars
  38. Blow-jobs or hand-jobs
  39. Nike or Adidas
  40. Space Hopper or LoLo Ball
  41. Phil Collins or Mick Hucknell
  42. Tony Blackburn or Kojak
  43. Starter or dessert
  44. GQ or FHM
  45. Ferrari or Maserati
  46. Hungry Hippos or Buckaroo
  47. J Lo or Beyonce
  48. Rough or smooth
  49. Star-trek or Star Wars
  50. Ant or Dec
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