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Bottomless Brunch girls! It's new, it's fun and it's here to stay! Bottomless Brunch is all anyone is talking about these days for a Hen Party and with good reason! It's just the perfect to kick start a Hen Party in Ireland and more and more venues around the country are now offering it.

If you haven't heard of Bottomless Brunch it's basically a type of brunch where you can actually order unlimited drinks while you have Brunch or Lunch, yes you heard right! Most places serve Prosecco, though some of the fancier and more expensive places will actually serve cocktails.

When is it held?

Bottomless Brunch is usually held at lunchtime, between 12pm and 2pm...well it is lunch after all ;0)

It's usually held in a bar or restaurant, though some cafe's with licences are even starting it now. Most places Bottomless Brunch is a main course and unlimited bubbly during this time!

Why is Bottomless Brunch perfect for a Hen?

Well there are plenty of reasons.

  • Value! Unlimited bubbly with your food.....what can be more appealing than that!
  • Ice Breaker! t's also fun way to start the Hen Party. If everyone is meeting at lunchtime anyway, it can be a great way to get everyone introduced and set the tone for the event ahead
  • Alternative Activity! Not everyone wants to have a dance class or paintball for their Hen. Bottomless Brunch can be turned into a leisurely activity at lunchtime with a lil nap in the afternoon before the night ahead ;0)

Bottomless Brunch is a fun, good value and new Hen Party activity and it is available Nationwide in many of our locations. Drop us a line to find out more on or drop us a line via our contact form!

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