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Bottomless brunch on a hen party is a wonderful idea! Not only is it a strong start to your hen weekend, but it’s also a great way to get some grub and drinks in. Plus, so many locations around the country have it on offer, making bottomless brunch a great idea for your hen party in Ireland.

At, we’ve worked to organise some of the best boozy brunches in our hen do packages. If this seems like something you’d be up for, get in touch with us today, and we’ll include it in your hen party package – no matter where you are, or where you’re going. Whether you’re into bottomless cocktail brunch, a themed boozy brunch, or drag brunch, we’ve got you covered!

Bottomless Brunch in Ireland

If you’re planning a hen party, you’ll be more than familiar with bottomless brunches. However, if this is your first rodeo (and we’ve all been there!) is here to help. Generally, a bottomless or boozy brunch is the best part of everything we love: a delicious breakfast, and unlimited drinks... and you heard that right! While some places might serve prosecco or mimosas, other places might do cocktails.

Why Boozy Brunch is Good for a Hen Do

At, we specialise in hen party packages in Ireland. More than anything, we know the importance of getting the most out of your €€€. Here’s why we think bottomless brunches are perfect for hen parties!

  • Value: Unlimited bubbly – or other drinks – with your food. Sure, what could be better than that?
  • Ice-breaker: There’s no better way to kick off a hen weekend. Plus, most hen parties start with a meal – whether it be brunch of lunch. Why not introduce everyone at your very own boozy brunch sesh?
  • Alternative activity: Different girl gangs have different interests... and it doesn’t always have to be about paintball or nude painting (as fun as those are). Bottomless brunch is a great way to unwind and kick off the weekend. Although you might need a nap before the evening’s festivities!

Where and When Can I Go to Bottomless Brunch?

Looks like we have you sold on a boozy brunch for your hen do crew! Generally, there are restaurants all over Ireland that host bottomless brunch sessions – and most of them are hen-friendly. Bottomless brunches usually start at 11am, and go on all the way to 3pm. However, it’s important to note that some restaurants will impose a time limit on an attending party... but that just gives you more time for other hen do activities!

Different Types of Brunch Activities

If you’re a seasoned bottomless brunch-er, you’ll probably want to take things up a notch – and at, we’re here to help! Why not try out a boozy brunch variant, like bottomless cocktails (who doesn’t love a good pornstar martini with their pancakes?), themed brunch (from the naughty 90’s to a dazzling disco brunch), or drag brunch... which speaks for itself!

If these options sound as good to you as they do to us, we can help you organise it! And if you’re a little unsure about what to pick, we’ll tell you a little more.

Bottomless Cocktail Brunch

Sure, many restaurants offer bottomless brunch – with unlimited prosecco or mimosas for the table. However, at, we work with some of the best restaurants across Ireland, so if you fancy a cocktail brunch, we can organise that for you and your girl gang! Swap the prosecco for something a little more in line with your tastes – like a margarita (pairs great with a breakfast burrito!), or a Moscow mule. Plus, what better to keep you going all weekend than three hours of espresso martinis?

  • What is Cocktail Brunch?

    The concept is simple – you swap out the prosecco or mimosas for a cocktail. Some places will swap your cocktail each round, while others might require that you stick with your first choice... so choose wisely! If that doesn’t have you sold... what if we said that some places offer brunch-specific cocktails, like bellinis, grapefruit mojitos, or bloody Marys?

  • Where Can I have Cocktail Brunch in Ireland?

    We’re happy to tell you that boozy cocktail brunches have taken Ireland by storm – making it the perfect hen party activity. From cool spots like Jackie’s and the Bow Lane Social Club in Dublin, to trendy restaurants like Brick Lane in Cork, we’ll have you sorted, no matter where your hen weekend is!

  • Is Bottomless Cocktail Brunch Good for a Hen Do?

    For the bride that doesn’t drink prosecco – no shade, it’s not for everyone – a cocktail brunch could be a great option. Coupled with delicious food, there’s no better way to break the ice at a hen weekend!

Themed Boozy Brunch

You can find a themed bottomless brunch all over the country! And if you can’t find one, we’ll organise one for you and your hen do crew – just get in touch with us and let us know what sort of theme you’d like. From Hip-Hop and R+B boozy brunches, to yoga and bottomless brunch for the hens who refuse to miss a workout, there’s loads of themed brunches to explore, all across Ireland.

  • Themed Bottomless Brunch Ideas?

    POV: you’re hosting a themed bottomless brunch at a hen party, but you don’t know what theme to go with. to the rescue! Here are our top 5 themed brunch suggestions:

    • Bingo boozy brunch: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – bingo is one of Ireland’s favourite pastimes, and paired with food and drinks, it just got even better.
    • Boozy mini-golf: If Melissa McCarthy could pull off the golfing ‘fit during Bridesmaids, you can, too! Take your pints to the putting green with this idea.
    • Music-themed bottomless brunch: From delightful disco to huge hip-hop beats, pick the bride’s favourite genre (or musician, calling all Swifties!), and party on.
    • Sip ‘n Paint: Create while you drink! Perfect for the artsy hen do crew, you’ll draw and paint during boozy brunch.
    • Drag brunch: Fabulous queens, fabulous entertainment, and fabulous drinks – what more could you need?
  • How Long is Themed Bottomless Brunch?

    Whether or not you’re on a hen weekend, restaurants usually impose time limits on their bottomless brunch sessions. Generally, bottomless brunches can last anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. Get in while you can!

  • Booking Themed Boozy Brunch for a Hen Do

    At, we specialise in creating the perfect hen party packages for your hen do crew across Ireland. If you’re looking to book a themed bottomless brunch on your hen weekend, or want to host one of your own (hen staycation, anyone?), we’re happy to help! Get in touch with us to make it happen!

Drag Bottomless Brunch

How does drag brunch work? Well, picture this: Bottomless brunch, with a table or two of your closest mates, all on a hen do. Delicious food, all the best tunes, and a group of drag queens singing, dancing, and entertaining you the entire time you’re there! Is it as entertaining as it sounds? Yes!

  • Where Can I have Drag Brunch Near Me?

    Drag brunch is popping up in loads of locations across Ireland – and it’s not just for Pride month! While it’s widely advertised in Dublin and Cork, drag brunch is also readily available in Waterford, and other parts of the country.

  • How to Organise Drag Brunch?

    Sure, you could turn to Google and search, “drag brunch near me”. But if you’re after a memorable experience – one with queens lip-syncing for their lives, then get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help you organise a boozy brunch, featuring only the most fabulous of queens.

  • Why Book Drag Brunch for a Hen Do?

    If you’ve got a bride who loves RuPaul’s Drag Race (and who among us doesn’t?), or a hen do crew that’s just in search of good vibes and great craic, there’s no better activity to book. It’s like a drag show, made better by the presence of cocktails and a delicious meal.

How Do I Book?

We agree – boozy brunch is a great way to kick off a hen weekend! And if you’d like to book this into your hen party package, look no further than We work with all the best restaurants in the country, including them in packages to ensure a wonderful hen weekend. Whether you’re after bottomless brunch in Dublin, or are brunching with a theme in Kilkenny, we’ve got you covered!

Get in touch with us today to discuss hen party packages, and we’ll be sure to include bottomless brunch for you and your hen do crew.

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