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The Cube is, without exception, one of the most popular Hen Party activities in Ireland these days. We've all seen The Cube with Philip Schofield, now people want to do it for their hen!

What is The Cube

The Cube is an afternoon of really fun activities that involves solving a series of table based challenges and puzzles in the time allotted. You need to beat the clock and not lose your nerve. And the good news is, it all happens indoors! And yes we organise the location!

Groups are split into teams and assigned puzzles to solve, competing against each other. And yes it is highly competitive!

The Cube Hen Party
The Cube

Is the Cube a good activity for a Hen Party?

The Cube is a brilliant activity for a Hen Party! It's one of our best sellers!

  • Competitive - For a competitive hen party it is absolutely amazing fun. Your group will be split into teams and will fight to the 'activity death' to win
  • Your Hair will stay dry - Don't even pretend this isn't important, girls. We know you just got a curly blow dry and don't want to mess the do. So The Cube is perfect because you can have lots of competitive fun, without getting your hair wet!
  • Great fun - The feedback we get from The Cube is that it is amazing fun. Everyone will be laughing and having the craic. And isn't that what a Hen party is all about!
  • Mixed aged groups - The Cube is ideal if you have a mixed age group going to the Hen. It's perfect for the work gang, the friends from home. But it's also ideal if you Mum or aunts are on the Hen.
  • Bonding - Sometimes the first few hours of the Hen can be tense as you have basically taken all the people you know and put them in the same place. They all know you, but they don't know each other! The Cube is the perfect way for the group to get to know each other!

The Cube is a great way to kick off the Hen ! If you have a few ladies with competitive streaks than this is definitely for you!

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