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Paint a Nude!

So you’re looking for a Hen Party activity that’ll lead to plenty of awkward laughs with fun all around and a great bonding session for the group? Well, look no further than Paint a Nude! It’s an activity that great for all hen party groups. It provides plenty of cheekiness as you and your girls attempt to draw or paint a nude male model. The whole time he’ll be stood there completely in the buff, striking a pose for you to turn!

Paint A Nude is one of the most popular hen party activities and for good reason! It’s an activity that will have a smile on your face from start to finish and it’ll allow you to get in touch with your cheeky sides. But when all of the awkwardness, cheekiness and giddiness dies down, beneath it all is a nice and relaxing activity that might even make you realise you have a hidden talent.

So let’s get into why Paint A Nude is such a great hen party activity.

Enjoy The Eye Candy:

When you arrive at the venue, the teacher will bring you into the art room and then the male model walks in and strikes his pose. Standing there in his buff physique baring his full manhood. You’ll have to get over the initial giddiness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you see for a moment.

Art Is Like Therapy:

After the initial jokes and cheekiness die down, you’ll get really into the drawing. You might even find yourself relaxed as the experience goes on. Art is a release for a lot of people so enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s Great For Bonding:

Seeing a guy standing naked in front of all of you is definitely a conversation starter. Even the quietest ones in your group will come out of their shells as you all try to replicate the art you see in front of you.

Maybe You’ve Got A Hidden Talent:

In our experience, we’ve found that a lot of people go into Paint A Nude thinking their artistic skills aren’t the best. But they leave with a bit more confidence in their skills. Maybe it’s because they’re more tuned in to this subject in front of them...who knows?

Endless Fun & Laughter:

Paint A Nude is an activity that will have a smile on your face from the very beginning. The initial cheekiness and giddiness may die down but the fun and laughter will keep on coming. many innuendos!

Paint A Nude is the perfect activity for a group of cheeky Hens. If this sounds like your group then what are you waiting for? Check out our Hen Party Packages now and let’s get your hen party booked!

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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