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Does the bride-to-be love to or long to travel? Then our Around The World Theme is a fab idea that she will absolutely love.
If the bride-to-be loves some adventure then this theme will be perfect for her hen party. Make a list of all the places she has travelled to or wants to travel to. Incorporate these places into the theme using decor, food and drink.

You could select one particular location or combine a few. Check out our examples below;

One location

Choosing one location as a theme is the easier option. This way you can choose one type of food, one type of decor and so on. A great example of this would be a Parisian theme. For this theme encourage guests to dress appropriately. This could mean chic dresses, pearls and heels. For decor think mini Eiffel Towers, flowers and mini suitcases scattered around the room. For food and drink lay out some croissants, a cheese plate and lots of wine. Perfect!

Several locations

If you wish to incorporate several locations into the hen party theme, no problem. Designate different sides of the room for each location. For example, if you choose Australia, England and Iceland, place three tables in different corners of the room. Each table will be used for each place.


Place some Koala teddy bears, boomerangs, sand and maybe even a Barbie on this table. Talk about a stereotype ;-) If you know someone who has a surfboard, perfect! This would be a great finishing touch to the decor. For food and drink lay out some BBQ food such as burgers and an ice bucket full of beers. Guests can help themselves to whatever takes their fancy.


For the England table keep the colour scheme blue and red. For food lay out some tasty fish and chips or crumpets. As well as beers and champagne, have a pot or two of fresh tea for guests to enjoy. You could also make this corner into a mini afternoon tea party with vintage tea ware and tasty sandwiches.


For the Iceland table think, you guessed it, ice! Place an ice bucket by the table full of beer for guests. Decorate this table with white and blue accessories such as fake snow, white flowers and twinkly lights. Make sure you hang an Iceland flag at this table so guests know the theme. Keep a bottle of bubbly on ice at this table also...that counts doesn't it? ;-)

So keep this theme in mind when planning your next hen party girls!

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