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Grab your blankets and pillows and host a cosy sleepover for your and your gal pals! You had them all the time back in the day, right?! But maybe it can be a little bit more glam this time!? Put together a guest list of V.I.Ps. This very exclusive list will contain only the nearest and dearest. Stick on your favourite chick flick and pass around a bottle of champagne!

Food and Drink:
Spring for the chocolate fountain and have plenty of strawberries and marshmallows ready to be dipped in! Pizza is a classic sleepover food but maybe take it up a notch?! Spring for fancy toppings or order one in from that amazing Italian restaurant. Or maybe head to that old school sweet shop and get all of the sweets that you and your friends used to eat at school! The ultimate throwback!
What says sleepover more than board games!? Check out these cheeky hen night board games that will have you and your girls cackling away for the night! Take turns rolling the dice on this hilarious game!
Fairy lights and blankets and throws galore! Maybe create a little indoor tent by hanging up some sheets!? Fill with throw cushions and blankets and gather inside. Check out this sparkling gold “From Miss to Mrs” banner! Perfect.
This sleepover theme will definitely have the nostalgia factor! Slip on some gorgeous slippers and get cosy! You and your friends are in for the most glamorous sleepover ever thrown. Who knew partying in your Pjs could be classy!?

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