S'mores Party

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Who doesn't love s'mores girls? A s'mores party for your hen is a fantastic idea. Make the most of the good weather by hosting this fun (and delicious) party in your own garden. Intrigued? Keep reading for tips.

A s'mores hen party is a great idea for many reasons. It is the perfect idea if the guest list includes people of all ages and non-drinkers. Who wants a drink when you have mouth-watering treats at your disposal? This is also a great idea to make the most of good weather. Gather all the hens and bride-to-be for a catch-up and a treat in the sun.
Before everyone tucks into the chocolate, it may be a good idea to lay out some finger food such as sandwiches, chicken wings or salad. This will be greatly appreciated by guests who may not have had time to eat beforehand.
Now onto the best part. To set up a s'mores hen party you will need some essentials;
  • chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Plain biscuits
  • Fruit
  • A BBQ, campfire or some way to toast the s'mores
  • Thongs to hold the s'more over the flame
Lay out all the ingredients on one table so guests can make their own sweet treat. Decorate the area similar to a campfire setting. Place some blankets and chairs around the area where guests can gather and catch up. Hang some twinkly lights and bunting in the garden to really set the scene. A thoughtful idea would be to provide some cosy blankets for guests as the evening goes on. Don't forget a glass of champagne to toast the bride-to-be too.
So give the bride a relaxed yet fun send off and host a S'mores hen party this weekend.

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