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Not into L plates and pink tiaras? Why not host a Rustic Hen Party theme that the bride-to-be will love! Keep reading to find out how.
This theme is a great hen party idea for many reasons. It is an affordable way to create a stunning backdrop for the party, suits all ages and of course, will help create long-lasting memories. When it comes to decor, this theme is all about wood, neutral colours and style. Decorate the area with flowers and candles, both of which can be displayed inside empty mason jars. Creating a photo booth area would be such a fun idea. Find out to create your own DIY photo booth here.
For food and drink, think fruit and cheese platters, a mimosa bar and mini treats such as cupcakes. Lay out the fruit and cheese platter in the middle of the dining table so guests can help themselves. A separate table with different drinks options would also be a fab idea. As guests can help themselves, this takes the stress away from the host. Have a selection of drinks available such as mimosas, beers, tea and of course a bottle of bubbly. Before you tuck into the delicious food, toast the bride-to-be! Once everyone has had their fill of fruit and cheese it is time for dessert. Bring out some treats such as mini cupcakes, macarons and cookies. Yum!
Depending on the weather, guests are encouraged to dress in plaid shirts, denim jackets and bohemian style maxi dresses. Cowboy boots and hats would be a great finishing touch ;-) If the party is held outdoors it would be a nice idea to lay out some soft blankets. This will ensure that guests stay warm and cosy as the evening creeps in.
So try out this fun and unique theme for your hen party girls. The perfect way to celebrate with all the hens!

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