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So tell me what you want, what you really, really want? Is it a Spice Girls themed Hen Party!? I thought so! You and your pals will love figuring out who is Sporty, Crazy, Baby, Posh or Ginger! The music, the outfits, the fun, the spice girls are iconic! The ultimate girl gang. Show the world some girl power! Hold a spice girls themed hen party and zigga zig ah!
Karaoke is the perfect activity to share at your upcoming Spice Girls themed hen night! Pass around the mic and give your very best renditions of the Spice Girls famous hits! Maybe even perform as a group? More than five guests coming? Have all of the Sporty spice girls perform a song and go around the whole group! This hen party knows all of the words!
The Spice Girls were just as famous for their iconic outfits as they were for there catch tunes! Ginger wore that unforgettable union jack dress. Scary Spice often wore leopard print. Baby Spice wore baby pink and white. Of course, Posh Spice wore a sophisticated black dress. Sporty Spice wore tracksuits and had her hair in a ponytail! There are loads of looks to choose from. People can choose whichever look they identify with the most!
Throw a hen party that is as unique as it is timeless! Dig out your old Spice Girls CD’s and get inspired. the perfect way to celebrate female friendship, dance it out and sing! Friendship never ends!

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