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Nice Ideas
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Every married couple should still go on dates and what better way to remind the hen of this than this lovely hen party idea called a 'Date jar'.
This nice hen party idea is very easy to do. Simply ask everyone who is coming to the hen party to email or text you an idea for a date. It could be a trip to the cinema or an afternoon bowling.
Or you could add some witty options like underwear shopping :-)
Then simply type them up, print them and cut them into long strips.
Roll them around a pencil and tape each piece. You can buy a nice jar in the shop or if you want to add some personal touch into it why not make it yourself. Fill the jar with all the ideas!
At the hen party meal, present the 'Date Jar' to the hen and ask her to read them out. A really sweet and simple hen party idea from one friend to another.

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