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Hosting a hen party where guests may not know each other well? Check out our fun Hen Party Speed Dating idea that will help break the ice!
We all know how speed dating works (some of us more than others!). You go to a venue where you will take part in a number of mini dates hoping to find your match. If anything, this activity is a great way to meet new people, have a chat and have fun. That is why we believe incorporating speed dating into the hen party is a great idea. If the guest list of your hen party includes hens that may not know each other well, this should help. It will give the hens a chance to get to know each other and enjoy the night.
Before the guests arrive to line up some chairs in a circle and then line up another circle directly across from those chairs. This way guests can chat with the person opposite them. When guests arrive ask them to take a seat wherever they like. Start a timer of 2/3 minutes and let the speed dating begin. Once this time is up the person on the outside row must move to the chair on the left to chat to the next hen. This continues until the hen is sitting back in her original seat. Come up with some questions that the hens can ask each other or let them chat freely. With a glass of bubbly in hand, this should be no problem!
So try out this fun hen party idea for your next shindig girls. What a great way to start the night!

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