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Nice Ideas
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Try out a Photo Challenge for your hen party. A game that is guaranteed lots of laughs and memories to cherish forever. Get camera-ready ladies!
Beforehand, get all the hens together and make a list of photos that the girls have to take on the night. These can be as tame or wild as you want. However, the wild ones are more fun! Whoever takes the most photos by the end of the night wins. The winner can be rewarded with a small prize or simply bask in the glory. Up to you.
Some fun photo ideas can include;
  • Photo with the DJ
  • Hen in a toilet
  • Photo with a guard
  • Hen dancing with a stranger
  • Piggyback ride with a stranger
When all the hen party fun is overprint off all the hilarious photos. Apps such as Pixlr are a fantastic and affordable way to create collages or add text to the images. Present them in a photo album or a frame for the bride to keep. If the photos are not for the faint-hearted, maybe a photo album is the best idea ;-) What fantastic memories to look back on.
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