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Nice Ideas
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Looking for a hen party that is affordable yet lots of fun? Or maybe the party includes guests of all ages? Try out our movie night hen party idea and ensure everyone has a fantastic evening.
Creating this party is simple. Designate one room in your home as the screening area and gather a selection of popular movies to choose from. Decorate the room to ensure that it is comfortable for all guests. Lay out several blankets and pillows with a table full of goodies. These goodies could include finger food such as sandwiches and chicken skewers. Make sure you provide the sweets too. After all, whats a night at the movies without some popcorn and chocolate?
When it comes to the movie, the bride should have the final say. However, having a selection of classic movies should make the decision easier. Think Breakfast At Tiffany's and Pulp Fiction. If the party includes young guests then choose some Disney classics or age-appropriate films such as Home Alone.
So plan your hen party with our tips and have a fantastic time!

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