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Ladies if you are looking for a nice idea to surprise the bride to be with on her hen party then look no further then How We Met. How We Met incorporates all the ladies going on the hen party and is an amazing way to send the bride off in style. This idea takes a little bit of planning but it is totally worth all the effort!
How We Met is a book made by you that has the story of how the bride and all her favourite ladies first met. Ask all of the ladies going on the hen party to send you on the details of how they first met the bride. There'll be a range of different stories from when she was born to more recent years. Ask the ladies to keep it to a certain length and email it onto you before the big weekend. Or if you can arrange it, handwritten letters always work amazingly well. Once you have a letter from everyone that's going on the hen party put them all into a scrapbook. If there are some ladies that couldn't make the hen make sure to get a letter from them too! Decorate the scrapbook and present it to the bride to be at the hen party dinner.
To make this idea extra special ask the groom for his story as well. Give him a bit more space in the book and make sure you leave that one to the very end of the book as a surprise.

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