Hen Party Survival Kit

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Nice Ideas
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An amusing idea for the games section of the evening is to present the Hen with a 'Hen-Party Survival Kit'.
Simply decorate a shoebox and let your imagination run wild. Present it to the Hen at the meal.
Here are some suggestions to get you started
  • Mints
  • Paracetamol
  • A list of 'emergency' phone numbers in case she gets lost
  • Minature bottle of Brandy for her nerves
  • A picture of the groom to remind her why she is here
  • A Lifeline for the hangover the next day
  • Eye Makeup Remover Wipes (in case she is too 'tired' going to bed)
  • Other variations can include
  • A Honeymoon survival kit
  • A cookery survival kit
  • A hangover survival kit
Or why not even go for a Mother in Law survival kit! ;-)

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