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Everyone loves movies. Watching a movie is a super exciting and low key way to spend an evening. Instead of bundling up on the couch and throwing something on Netflix, why not arrange an open-air cinema!? This is such an amazing idea for a Summer Hen party.


A large garden would be perfect for this. Whether one of your friends is lucky enough to have a big ol' garden or you end up organising it in a local park or even the beach - you just can’t beat the open air.

What to watch:

Compile a list of romantic movies or the brides favourite movies - or maybe some wedding-themed flicks. If you are inviting the wider group and not just the gals maybe a family favourite like Shrek or the original Wizard of Oz movie would cater to all ages.


Popcorn is a must! Take things to the next level by making a few different flavours. Sweet popcorn and cinnamon popcorn is trendy right now and perfect for this amazing Summer hen party activity.
So, gather up your nearest and dearest and propose an open-air cinema! You can rent a projector in most towns and a large sheet that is pulled tightly over some string serve as the perfect surface to project onto. Roll that film at dusk and wind down after a long day of celebrations. Watching a movie is a great way to relax after, say, some archery tag!

Maybe you will want to watch Robin Hood?!

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