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I __________________________ solemnly swear that on the weekend of ______________________, in celebration of ___________________________’s Hen party, I will abide by the following rules and regulations:

1. You will consume copious amounts of alcohol and promote drunkenly misconduct in the safest yet most inappropriate fashion. You may only be excused from drinking if you are a designated driver or have a note from a doctor. However, you must still promote hedonistic behaviour.
2. Dancing is compulsory and it is important that the Hen and all Chicks participate despite protesting their inferior Birdie Dance skills!
3. You must never leave a single Chick or the Hen unattended, due to the circulating Vultures who prey on vulnerable chicks
4. Any Chick who has had too much alcohol and is speaking with sleazy, unattractive men for more than one minute must be escorted back to the safety of the Clutch to save herself from any further embarrassment due to her poor taste

5. Loud outbursts are encouraged during the Hen festivities especially when accompanied by an alcohol shot.
6. Embarrassing the Hen at least once per hour is mandatory. Embarrassment can only take the form of attracting attention toward the Hen, and includes but is not limited to, finding men to help in satisfying the “Hen Party Checklist”

7. Should a bathroom emergency arise for any Chick, it is imperative that you ensure one other Chick goes with her.
8. It is your responsibility to move to more exciting surroundings when the Hen and/or group energy is flagging. You must consult with other Chicks when forming a relocation plan.

9. You will not, at any time, call or text your boyfriend, husband, partner, love interest. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a forfeit and/or alcohol shot.

10. Before signing the document below, I will say out loud, “What happens at __________________’s Hen party STAYS at ___________________’s Hen party!”

(Signature of Chick) __________________________________________
Date __________________________________________
(Signature of Chick In Charge) __________________________________________
Date __________________________________________

Advice for the Hen about marriage:
(Please return this form to the Hen after signing)

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