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Message In A Bottle is a cute and thoughtful idea for the hen party. Make the bride-to-be laugh and cry or create this special gift just for her.


This hen party idea is sure to be a hit with the bride-to-be. The aim is that each hen will write a message (or a few) and place it into a bottle for the bride-to-be. These messages can be as funny, silly or emotional as you please. This is a fab gift to surprise the bride with on the night. Rather than spending money on separate gifts, this would be a lovely present that will make her feel special.


Gather all the girls together before the hen party or ask each hen to write their own messages separately. Some great message examples include:
  • First time ye met
  • A happy memory ye shared
  • A fun night out
  • An inside joke
  • A trip ye took together
  • How happy you are for the bride-to-be
You should be able to purchase these bottles with a cork top in most homeware stores. You could also use a clear bottle or jar that you have at home. Feel free to leave the bottle the way it is or decorate it. Pick up some confetti hearts, sand and glitter to place inside. Once all the messages are taken out this could be used as a pretty decor item. Perfect!
The bride-to-be can open these messages during the hen party or afterwards. She could even save them and open one each day. What a great way to start each morning!
So, begin writing and create this special gift for the bride-to-be. What a thoughtful idea that she can cherish forever.

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