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Nice Ideas
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Looking for a simple yet cute activity to do at the hen party? Check out our list of Get Crafty hen ideas and let the fun begin.
Wooden Letters:
Purchase a wooden letter for each hen before the party. Pick up the first letter of each of their first names or even their second name too. Lay out some items that the hens can use to decorate this letter. Include some glue, different colour paint, glitter, markers and any other cute crafty items you can pick up. Guests can listen to some music, have a glass of bubbly and a natter as they decorate. This is a great idea as the hens can then take home their creation. What a fab keepsake.
Cupcake Decorating:
Who doesn't love cupcakes?! Decorating cupcakes can be a fun (and delicious) activity to include in your hen party. Purchase or bake these cupcakes before the party and hand out to each guest. Lay out some treats that the hens can decorate with such as sprinkles, edible glitter and jellies. A fun idea would be to provide icing and ask guests to write something funny on each cupcake.
Paint A Fairy House:
Get creative and decorate something special with this activity. Purchase a plain fairy house and different colour paint for each guest. Guests can decorate these houses while they enjoy a nice drink and a laugh with the hens. Each hen can take home their masterpiece or gift it to the bride-to-be. The bride can then organise these in a corner in her garden. Every time she sees them she can be reminded of how much fun she had on the day.
So if you fancy getting crafty during the hen party, keep these activities in mind girls!

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