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Girls, why not try Instagram Bunting for the hen party? The bride-to-be would love this personalised touch to the special day. Keep reading to find out how it's done.
This bunting can be quite simple to make and will bring a smile to the bride's face. It would be perfect for any style hen party such as a garden party or a dress-up theme. Depending on the weather, this decor addition will look great indoors or outdoors.
Select your favourite Instagram images of the bride and her friends and family. For a few giggles, maybe even include some embarrassing ones ;-) The host could print the images herself or use websites like Social Print Studio. Before they arrive, make your own bunting to hang the photos from. Simply make it using twine and clips. When the photos arrive hang them to the bunting and display on a wall in the party room. Another great idea would be for the hens to sign the photos they are in. This can be made into a collage after the party for the bride to cherish forever.
So include this cute decor to the hen party and look back on all the great memories ye had together. All the time making new ones :-)

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