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Open When is a fun hen party idea that the bride-to-be will really enjoy. This can be a thoughtful gift to the bride-to-be from all the hens.
Pick up a few plain white envelopes and paper. On each envelope write "open when...." and a time that you want the bride-to-be to open the letter. Here are some examples:
  • Right now!
  • You miss me
  • You are tired
  • Before the hen party
  • The day after the hen party
  • You are hungover
  • You need a laugh
  • Before the wedding
  • After the wedding
Write a note to go in each letter. This letter can be funny or soppy, depending on when you want her to open it. It might be nice to include something special or funny in the envelope also. For example, put a €5 note in the envelope that reads 'open are tired' and write that the bride-to-be can grab a coffee with the money. Another nice idea would be to place a funny picture of the bride and the hens for the envelope 'open need a laugh'.
This can be a nice idea for one hen or something that the groups does together. The amount of letters you write is completely up to you and the girls. Remember, this may take a while to complete but it will be so worth it!
So keep this nice idea when planning your next hen party girls. It is a thoughtful idea that the bride can enjoy even after the party.

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