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Nice Ideas
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Looking for a cute hen party gift? We have all heard of a Christmas advent calendar but have you ever heard of a wedding advent calendar? Help make the special day even more special with this thoughtful calendar. This is a great gift idea for the bride-to-be on her hen party.
This gift is such a treat from the hens to the bride. It works the same as any other advent calendar where the person opens one gift a day. The length of time is up to the host but one week before the wedding should be perfect. Pick up some small gifts to make the bride smile as she counts down the days. Number each gift as you wrap them so she knows when to open each.
These gifts can be serious or joke presents. Before deciding to check out our online store that has a great selection of small hen party gifts. Choose from a personalised passport holder, a photo album and more. We have some cheeky options also if you want to make the bride blush ;-) Here you can find some cola Willys and a candy g-string. What more could she need?

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