A Minute To Win It

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A Minute To Win It is a great way to inject some fun into your hen party. With a selection of different games to play it is sure to be a huge hit!
This game proves very popular at hen parties. The aim of the game is simple. Each hen has 60 seconds to complete each task before moving onto the next. The host should keep a timer and indicate when the hen needs to move on. When each hen finishes their tasks, keep a note of the score. Reward the winner with a small gift such as chocolates or if you are really cruel you could hand the loser a shot....but we know you wouldn't do that ;-)
Below are some examples of games you play during the minute to win it challenge.
Blind Marshmallow Toss
For this game, you need two hens, a blindfold, a bucket and a packet of marshmallows. The hen who is playing will be blindfolded and hold the packet of marshmallows. The other hen should stand across from them with the bucket. The aim is for the blindfolded guest to attempt to throw as many marshmallows into the bucket as possible.
Suck It Up
Suck It Up is a hen party classic. For this, you will need a bag of sweets such as M&Ms or Malteasers, a bowl and straws. Lay out the sweets on the table and get started! Each hen must attempt to place the sweet in the bowl by sucking it up through the straw. This is sure to get some giggles girls!
This Blows!
This Blows is a hilarious hen party game. You will need some plastic cups and balloons. Lay out four cups on a table and blow up a balloon but don't tie it at the end. The hen must attempt to knock over the cup using the air that comes out of the balloon. Prepare to laugh as you hear some childish (but funny) noises ;-)
Chop Stick Game
The chopstick game is a tricky one but tons of fun girls. Using the rest of the marshmallows, each hen must attempt to pick up as many marshmallows as possible with the chopstick and place them into a bowl. If you are terrible at using chopsticks like us, this may be a hard one but still lots of fun!
So try this game for your next hen party girls. The perfect way to get ready for a night on the tiles!
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