Treasure Hunt

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A hen party treasure hunt is such a simple yet hilarious game to organise. Great news for the host! All you need is a few fun gifts, some wrapping paper and a lot of energy. Let the fun begin.
This game during your hen party is guaranteed to be a hit. Perfect for all ages, this game is simple to create and will have everyone giggling. It would be a fab game to play during afternoon tea or a garden party.
You can choose some nice gifts to wrap but the funny gifts are the best. Think joke items like willy straws or a domestic goddess mug. The host then hides these items around the house or garden, depending on the location. Make sure that the gifts are not too difficult for the girls to find, however. You want to make sure that everyone has fun after all. Now it is time to let the girls loose! Set a timer for approximately five minutes and allow everyone to run around and search for the gifts. Once the timer sounds everyone must stop and count how many gifts they have collected. Have fun watching everyone's face blush as they open their cheeky gift. Another fun idea would be to have a dare ready for the guest who collects the least amount of gifts. Check out our dare cards for some hilarious ideas.
So try out this simple yet enjoyable hen party game and have fun!
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