Don't Tell The Groom

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You’ll hear stag parties say time and time again “What happens on the stag weekend, stays on the stag weekend”. The same can be said for the hen party weekend. It’s just women do it a better grace. What the groom doesn’t know won’t hurt
The ‘Don’t Tell The Groom’ hen party game is just a bit of cheeky fun, that will have all the girls giggling, messing and add to an unforgettable hen party weekend. It’s not to be taken seriously
The aim of the ‘Don’t Tell The Groom’ hen party game is to get a kiss-off 3 different men. On the lips of course. A peck will do, a sloppy kiss is not required and their tongue can keep to themselves.
It’s not as easy as it sounds just to walk up and get a kiss-off 3 different men. That’s because the 3 men in question will be selected by the rest of the hen party group.
These…eh lucky???...gentleman can vary in age, appearance and criteria. Make sure to get creative here girls. The bride to be probably had to kiss plenty of toads before she found her prince charming.
For every gentleman, she doesn’t kiss there will be a forfeit. This will be a disgusting shot or something a bit more embarrassing. But you know the bride to be better and will know what will make her turn bright red.
So will you be playing the ‘Don’t Tell The Groom’ hen party game?
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