Drink If....

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Drink If.... is such a simple yet hilarious hen party game. All you need is the girls, their handbags and a few drinks. Simple right? Keep reading to find out more.
How to play
This game is so easy to play. The aim is to get all the hens and bride-to-be to empty the contents of their bag onto a table. Make a list beforehand of some typical objects you may find in a handbag and assign a drink to each object. Each guest has to drink for each object they have in their bag. Here are some examples:
  • Lipstick - Sambuca shot
  • Chewing gum - Vodka shot
  • Hairbrush - Finish your drink
This game can be hosted in your own home or garden. Decorate a table and area with cute flowers and girly accessories. Then its time to play! This can also be altered to suit non-drinking guests. Simply assign points to each item instead of a drink and the guest with the most points gets a prize. Either way, this game is enjoyable and simple to play.
Don't forget to drink responsibly and have fun!
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