Jenga Dare

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Turn your favourite childhood game into a hen party game? Sounds good too us! Jenga Dare is a great way to get all the hen party guests warmed up before the night out. Are you ready to play?
How to play:
This game is very simple to set up. Have a dig around the attic and dust off your old Jenga game. You can also purchase Jenga in most toy stores such as Smyths. Now it is time to come up with some cheeky dares for your unsuspecting guests. You can choose to write a dare on every Jenga piece or just select a few....depending on how cruel you are. Some great Jenga dares you can choose to include;
  • Take a shot
  • Pull two blocks next turn
  • Never have I ever....
  • Person to your left drinks
  • Go again!!
  • Skip a turn
This game is fantastic to play with the hens and bride-to-be before heading out. It can also be adapted to a younger guest list or non-drinkers. Some other fun dares could include '10 jumping jacks' or 'tell a joke'. No matter the audience Jenga Dare is a game that everyone is sure to enjoy!
So try out this great hen party game and let us know how much fun you had :-)
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