Henparty Mad Libs

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Mad Libs is a classic children’s game that is easily transformed into a hilarious hen party game! Give each of the girls a template with blank spaces for them to fill in as they choose.
This a fun and entertaining hen party game that has a little bit of difference compared to the usual hen party games. Each one of the ladies can make them as clean or as saucy as they like depending on what kind of hen party group you have.
Henparty Mad Libs are a great icebreaker for the hen and are the perfect way to get things started.
Henparty Mad Libs are a great keepsake for the bride to be and guaranteed to put a smile on her face when reading them out to the group.
For that extra touch, add all the Henparty Mad Libs into one folder for the bride to keep.

Why not use our example below;

Mary's Hen Party
My name is _____ and I have known Mary for _____ (number) years.
When Mary told me she was engaged I _____ (verb) and then I screamed _____ (exclamation)!
I _____ (mode of transportation) all the way from _____ (noun) to be with Mary to celebrate her hen party.
My Best Advice for Mary:
Always _____ (verb) before you _____ (verb).
Make sure to laugh and _____ (verb) and always say _____ (verb) before going to _____ (noun).
_____ (your name)
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