Whats In Your Purse

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What's in your purse is a fun game that all the guests are sure to love. This game can be played as a drinking game or simply just a bit of fun....you decide. Don't be shy now girls, show us what's in that handbag!

How To Play:

Before the game begins make a list of what objects you would typically find in a handbag (with a few unusual ones thrown in). Think lipstick, a wallet and maybe even a packet of ketchup. Who knows when you will need ketchup right? Each guest then has to empty the contents of their handbag onto the table. This game is best played as a surprise so guests won't have the chance to add or remove any items.

Now let the fun begin!

As each object is called out guests can get a certain amount of points for each item they have. Tally up the points at the end and the winner gets a prize. However, this is a hen party.... Instead of a prize, each guest can take a shot for every object they have. This will make for an interesting night! This game is great to play during any hen party. It is an easy game to play whether your party is held indoors or outdoors. Before the madness begins, make sure to toast the bride-to-be with a glass of bubbly and get ready for a fantastic night. So try out this hilarious What's In Your Purse Game for your hen party to get you warmed up for the night ahead.

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