Would You Rather

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Would You Rather is a hilarious hen party game! Play this before you hit the tiles to get all the hens in a great mood.
Everyone knows how to play this game but for those that don't, keep reading. Write a list of questions that each hen must answer. This can be done in pairs or as a group. Go around the circle of hens and ask the questions until they are finished. As this is a hen party game, why not tweak the questions? Here are some fun examples;
  • No arms or no legs?
  • Give or receive a lap dance?
  • Unlimited love or unlimited money?
  • Your boyfriend looks at all your emails and texts or your boss?
  • Every time you have sex it takes one day off your life. Would you continue to have sex or stop completely?
  • Wear someones dirty underwear or use their toothbrush?
  • Have a conversation with your future self or past self?
So prepare this hilarious hen party game for the hens and bride-to-be. No doubt you will see them laugh, cringe and blush! This game is perfect while having a glass of bubbly with the girls and catching up. Enjoy!
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