How Many Kisses In The Jar

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How Many Kisses In The Jar is such a simple yet fun game to play at any hen party! Have a small prize ready and watch the hens make their guesses.
How To Play:
Pick up a clear jar in your local supermarket for this game. An empty jam jar might also do the trick. Simply clean it out and remove all labels. Perfect! Buy several 'Hershey Kisses' chocolates and place them inside the jar. Make sure you count how many chocolates you are putting inside and write it down somewhere safe.
On the night, each guest has a chance to examine the jar and guess how many chocolates are inside. Make sure to keep the jar closed girls. No cheating (or eating)! Now it's time for each hen to give their guess before the correct amount is announced. Gift the winner with a small prize such as a mini bottle of champagne. Or maybe she would prefer the chocolates?!
This game is a fantastic idea for any hen party. Whether you are hosting afternoon tea, out for dinner or enjoying some pre-drinks, this game is perfect! So girls, try out this simple hen party game that guests are sure to love!
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