The Phone Game

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Looking for an original hen party game that will more than likely embarrass the girls? Of course, you are! Keep reading to find out about The Phone Game!
How to play
This hen party game is very simple to play. Before the party starts create a scoring card for everyone to follow. Each hen will need to unlock their phone and reveal what is inside. Maybe it's a screensaver of a celebrity crush or a large collection of selfies. Each hen should get plus or minus points depending on what they have in their phones. Below is an example of a scoring system you could use.
No phone cover: -1 point
Other half as the screensaver: -1 point
A celebrity screensaver: +2 points
Exes phone number: -2 points
Message to mum in the last 24 hours: +1 point
Soppy message to other half in the last hour: -2 points
Less than 10 apps: +2 points
10+ apps: -2 points
Selfie in the camera roll: -1 point
Picture of the bride-to-be in the camera roll: +3 points
Cheeky photos: -3 points
Alarm set: +2 points
Battery below 50%: -2 points
Battery above 50%: +2 points
Print off this scoring card for each hen and hand it out with a pen on the night. Everyone should get into pairs and check each other's phone. Purely to make sure no one is cheating girls ;-) The host should call out the different options and each hen should write down the score. Once everyone has tallied up the scores, it is time to announce the winner. Reward this lucky hen with a small gift such as a box of chocolates and punish the loser with a shot of vodka. You shouldn't still have the exes number anyway girls ;-)
So try out this fun hen party game and mortify the girls! All in the name of fun of course!
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