Adult Spin The Bottle

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Looking for a great hen party game? Why not try Adult Spin The Bottle? This hilarious game is a twist on the classic childhood game. Hen party appropriate.
Girls, we all know how to play spin the bottle. So why not alter this game to suit your hen party? To set up this game, get a large empty wine bottle and ask guests to sit in a circle. Before you begin to write a list of dares and make sure that each guest has a drink in front of them. If you need help choosing some dares we have a packet of dare cards that are the perfect hen party accessory! Now its time to play! Spin the bottle and wait to see who it lands on. This hen has the choice to drink or dare. If the hen decides to drink, she must chug her drink for a few seconds. This amount of time depends on how cruel the host is ;-) If she picks dare then she must complete the dare given to her. If she refuses, she must down the entire drink left in her glass. Sounds fun right?
So try out this hilarious hen party game and make sure to drink responsibly girls ;-)
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